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welcome toEPSTAR

Epstar is an independent corporation founded in 1974. The company has been offering consulting and assessment services since 1987. We continually enhance our testing and assessment tools and strive to offer the highest quality legal, reliable and valid assessments available--from hiring decisions to health and fitness.

Epstar clients range from large national and international corporations to small local firms. Our success and service is based on understanding business strategy and function through practical experience. Our motto is, "The best companies are those with the best people."


hiring sales people

Hiring Sales People - Video

Video Introduction "Hiring A Sales Person"

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applicant tracking

Applicant Tracking - Video

Demonstration "Applicant Processing & Job Fit System"

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talent management downloads

Predicting Sales Performance
Gut Feel Hiring Decisions
Pre-Employment Assessments
The Cost of a Bad Hiring Decision
Applicant Processing
What’s Missing in Resumes & Interviews

stress and fitness downloads

Physical & Mental Stress Assessment
Training & Lifestyle Monitoring
Corporate Stress & Fitness Solution
Workplace Stress Assessment
Personal Stress & Fitness Product
Accumulated Stress